Alpha Bomb
Experimentation: Part Two. Alpha Bomb is an extra hoppy West Coast pale ale that packs an explosive hop punch. We begin with a base of American 2-row malt and a kiss of light caramel malt to let the shops shine front and center. We hopped the beer with HBC342, an experimental variety, along with Summit, Columbus, Amarillo, and Simcoe in the kettle. We then stuffed a big sack of HBC366 hop flowers in the serving tank for a unique dry hop aroma. Let us know what you think! IBUs 69
American Pale Ale
5.5% ABV Draft
Alt(ernate) Reality
Alt(ernate) Reality is a traditional German-style altbier. A malty base with accents of toasted bread are balanced out by herbal and spicy German hops. Alt(ernate) Reality is fermented with a traditional ale yeast and cold-conditioned (lagered) for exceptionally smooth flavors. IBUs 42
German-Style Altbier
5.2% ABV Draft
Brewed in the traditional Irish Fashion, this stout’s foundation begins with Irish ale malt, a large smattering of flaked barley for a brilliant silkiness, and loads of roasted barley. Hopped with British Goldings hops from East Kent. Bulldog is served on Nitro for an impossibly creamy mouthfeel. IBUs 35
Dry Irish Stout
4.2% ABV Draft
Denver Jackhammer
Denver Jackhammer is Beachwood's newest double IPA that relentlessly pounds out massive hop aromas and flavors. A light base of American 2-row malt paves the way for a foundation of Chinook, Summit, Warrior, Simcoe, Columbus, Citra, and Amarillo hops. Double dry hopping with Simcoe, Citra, Centennial and Chinook will bulldoze your olfactory senses with aromas of fresh resin, bright tangerines, and herbal dankness! IBUs 100+
West Coast-Style Double India Pale Ale
9.3% ABV Draft
Foam Top
A traditional American cream ale brewed with American 2-row malt and imported German hops. Delicately hopped, light in body, and very refreshing with a clean finish.
Gold Medal winner at 2013 Great American Beer Festival® in Golden or Blonde Ale category.
Winner of 2012 World Beer Cup® Gold Award in Blonde or Golden Ale category.
Silver award at 2012 San Diego International Beer Competition. IBUs 13
Cream Ale
5.5% ABV Draft
Full Malted Jacket
Full Malted Jacket is our take on a classic "wee heavy" Scotch Ale. It's brewed with a base of Golden Promise malt, an heirloom variety from Scotland. Notable additions of light and dark British caramel malts with a smidgen of chocolate malt help add flavors of rich toffee. It's hopped just enough with British Goldings hopsfrom East Kent to balance things out. IBUs 33
Scotch Ale
9.2% ABV Draft
Hef Leppard
Hef Leppard is a traditional Bavarian-style weizen with its roots in strong German brewing traditions. A base of German wheat, pilsner, and Munich malts, give this beer has a soft and wheaty foundation. Fermented with our favorite Bavarian yeast, delicate aromas of clove combine with floral German hops to round out this delicately refreshing beer. IBUs 14
Bavarian Style Hefeweizen
5.1% ABV Draft
Hop Vader
From a brewery not so far, far away comes Hop Vader, a full-blown west coast hop experience that walks on the dark side. Hop Vader is a black IPA that's fully saturated with Pacific Northwest hops for a citrusy strike. A Jedi mind trick using German black malt give this beer a dark hue with subtle roasty notes. A Death Star-sized dry hop charge using Simcoe and Columbus leaves a dank aroma that would challenge even Master Yoda. Is your organoleptic light saber ready?

Gold Medal winner at the 2013 San Diego International Beer Competition in the American-Style India Black Ale category. IBUs 99
Black IPA
7.1% ABV Draft
Hops of Brixton
The Hops of Brixton is a classic British-style extra special bitter (ESB). It starts with British Maris Otter malt for a toasty backbone that's accented with light and dark British caramel malts, adding distinctive toffee notes. Flaked barley adds a gentle silkiness to the mouthfeel. Hops from the East Kent region of England create a floral and earthy hop profile to perfectly balance the malt. London's calling! IBUs 44
English Special Bitter
6.1% ABV Draft
"James" is a soulful and well-hopped American brown ale. A base of American 2-row malt is layered with British caramel and chocolate malts, creating a complex maltiness that leads into a toasted chocolate finish. Chinook, Columbus, Centennial, and Cascade hops provide a citrusy balance, while a silky mouthfeel rounds out the show. Hey!
Bronze Award at 2012 San Diego International Beer Competition IBUs 52
American Brown Ale
6.0% ABV Draft
An American Stout brewed with rye malt for a silky body. Kilgore is brewed with British roasted barley and chocolate malts for a roasty backbone with notes of coffee and cocoa. Hopped with Chinook, Columbus, Centennial, and Cascade hops for a citrusy Pacific Northwest punch. Silver Award at 2012 San Diego International Beer Competition.

Gold Medal winner at 2013 Great American Beer Festival® in American-Style Stout category. IBUs 77
American Stout
7.1% ABV Draft
Knucklehead Red
An American red ale brewed with American 2-row malt, a hefty helping of British caramel malt, and a smidgen of pale chocolate malt. Knucklehead Red has a great caramel malt profile that's perfectly balanced by Columbus, Centennial, and Cascade hops.

Bronze Award at 2012 San Diego International Beer Competition IBUs 46
American Red Ale
5.7% ABV Draft
La Cabra
La Cabra is a traditional German-style Weizenbock. German Munich & wheat malts create a massively rich and silky base. A lively German weizen yeast imparts flavors and aromas of clove & banana. A light touch of floral german hops round things out. IBUs 25
German-style Weizenbock
9.3% ABV Draft
LBC IPA is a legit west coast-style India Pale Ale brewed to celebrate our famous home in the City of Long Beach. A large dose of kettle and dry hops give this beer a juicy flavor profile with a dank & sticky aroma. IBUs 99+
West Coast Style IPA
7.1% ABV Draft
Rose Royce
Rose Royce is a wildly unique Belgian-style saison. A light body is crafted using German pilsner, rye, and wheat malts. It's then delicately hopped with German Magnum and Hallertauer hops for soft herbal notes. The beer is finished with local sage honey, grains of paradise for light pepper accents, and several pounds of red rose petals. Fermented with our favorite Belgian yeast, Rose Royce is a uniquely floral and fresh beer. Lively carbonation and a dry finish allows for intricate nuances to shine through.
Belgian-Style Saison
5.3% ABV Draft
The Dominator
The Dominator is a "West Coast-Style" meets "old school" IPA that celebrates classic ingredients. We begin with a base of American 2-row malt for a solid foundation, but add a subtle layer of British caramel malt for a toasty accent. In the kettle the beer is hopped with Galena, Columbus, and Centennial - classic Pacific Northwest hops that add a citrusy and piney punch. It's the generously dry hopped with Galena and Columbus for a dank resiny aroma. IBUs 99
West Coast-Style India Pale Ale
7.1% ABV Draft
Un Atout
Un Atout is a rustic Belgian-inspired saison. A blend of German Vienna & wheat malt creates a toasty and silky base that paves the way for a lavishly floral hop profile. A special saison yeast gives a dry, yet silky finish. IBUs 32
6.8% ABV Draft
Wholly Smoke
Wholly Smoke is a robust porter laced with one of our signature house flavors and aromas - smoke! A blend of British malts mingle with beechwood smoked malt and oak smoked wheat from Germany in this rich and complex smoky ale. Hopped with British Target and EKG for the perfect balance. IBUs 44
7.2% ABV Draft
Amalgamator is a West Coast-Style India Pale Ale that's bursting with unique aromas and flavors. A light base of American 2-row malt makes way for the hops to take the stage. Amalgamator is hopped in the kettle with Amarillo, Warrior, Columbus, and Mosaic, a brand new American variety. The dry hop is a massive charge of Mosaic that lays down an amalgam of passion fruit, dank resin, and citrus aromas. IBUs 99+
West Coast-Style India Pale Ale
7.1% ABV Draft
Hopheads rejoice! Citraholic is a "modern" West Coast-Style India Pale Ale that's focused on Citra, one of our favorite new American hop varieties. Brewed with an abundance of Citra hops, we also blend in Warrior, Columbus, and Simcoe in the kettle for good measure. Citraholic is double dry hopped for two weeks with an abundance of Citra (and a touch of Columbus) imparting heavy aromas of citrus & tropical fruits with melon and gooseberry nuances. A base of American 2-row malt and scatterings of light British caramel malt create the perfect foundation for this unique and powerfully pungent IPA. You asked for it and we were happy to deliver!

Silver Award at 2012 San Diego International Beer Competition in the American-Style India Pale Ale category.
Silver Award at 2014 San Diego International Beer Competition in the American-Style India Pale Ale category. IBUs 99
West Coast-Style India Pale Ale
7.1% ABV Draft
Onyx is a rich, jet-black imperial stout. It's brewed with a base of British Maris Otter barley, British dark caramel malts, and an assortment of British chocolate malts and roasted barley. It also gets a hefty dose of rolled oats, which lends to a maddeningly silky mouthfeel. Kissed with brown sugar and smidgen of blackstrap molasses, Onyx is hopped with German Magnum hops and British Goldings to perfectly balance the broad roasted flavors. Battle the rages of the season with a warming glass of Onyx.
Imperial Stout
11.0% ABV Draft
Street 3, Block 2
Simcoe is one of our favorite hops at Beachwood. It'sflavors and aromas are juicy, tropical, and piney, all at the same time. Street 3, Block 2 is a celebration of Simcoe dressed up as a hoppy American pale ale; it's hopped with 100% Simcoe, all the way through the dry hopping. IBUs 70
Hoppy American Pale Ale
5.5% ABV Draft
Tart Simpson
Tart Simpson is a naturally tart wheat beer brewed in the traditional Berliner Weisse fashion. Equal parts of German pilsner and wheat malts are mashed in an oxygen free environment for 72 hours. Natural cultures on the grain husks sour the wort (unfermented beer) during this period in whats know as "sour mash." The beer is then gently boiled for a short period to preserve the fresh doughy notes present. Tart Simpson is fermented with one of our favorite German ale yeasts and cold conditioned for a period of three weeks to smooth out the flavors. The result is a light-bodied and refreshing wheat beer with subtle acidic notes and lively carbonation.

Silver Award at 2012 San Diego International Beer Competition IBUs 1
Berliner Weisse
3.0% ABV Draft
Unwitten Law
Unwitten Law is a tradtional Belgian-style witbier that's crisp and refreshing. Brewed with a base of German pilsner malt and raw wheat, this beer has a naturally cloudy appearance. It's lightly hopped with Czech Saaz hops in the kettle and delicately spiced with orange peel and freshly ground corriander for super citrusy aromatics. With its lively carbonation and dry finish, Unwitten Law is the perfect accompaniment to a hot day. IBUs 15
4.8% ABV Draft